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SailDive Azores

We have an excellent team prepared to offer you the best experience at sea and in land, with a beautiful Lagoon 450F boat, equipped to promote maximum comfort and fun.

Liveaboard Diving

Our Liveaboard is similar to an “apartment in the sea”. The level of freedom, ease and comfort is unparalleled.

Sail Charter

Discover the Azores by sailing, in a unique way, in the comfort of a catamaran sailboat.

U/W Photography & Video

Spermwhales, Blue Whales, Marlins, Tunas, Sharks … enjoy your experience for close-up photography.


Are you ready to embark to a new level of freedive-experience? Welcome to the Underwater World, on a single breath!


Liveaboard Diving, Sail Charter, U/W Photography & Video, Freedive


Rua 5 de outubro, 7- A 9900-093 Horta